World première ------ Die Bakchen

Wim Vandekeybus is staging one of the greatest fables in world literature. It’s all about the tension between the city and nature, between law and transgression, between culture and drives. Join Dionysus' votaries on their trip to the mountain of ecstasy. Peter Verhelst adapted the text. Live painting by Vincent Glowinski / Bonom. Live music by Dijf Sanders. World premiere on March 15th 2019 at Residenztheater / Cuvilliéstheater, Munich (DE).

On tour ---- TrapTown + Go Figure Out Yourself

TrapTown takes place in a parallel universe. You will be taken to oracles, catharsis and euphoria. Sound created by Trixie Whitley and Phoenician Drive. To a driving soundtrack of words, music and dance Go Figure Out Yourself invites you to surrender to an unpredictable and exciting trail. All dates in our calendar

On tour ---- INVITED

In INVITED, Seppe Baeyens formulates his artistic response to the question of how the audience can help write the choreography of a performance. 

This production was selected for Het TheaterFestival 2018 and will be on tour during the upcoming month.